Albin  Modifications

The Albin Trawlers come in many sizes, however, we will focus on the smaller versions i.e. the 25 and 27 foot models. Both these models are out of production; in fact, Albin no longer makes a true trawler.

The 25 foot model was made in Sweden in the late 60's and 70's. They have an aft cabin along with the main cabin and cockpit. They were made with and without a mast - although they did not sail well because of the small keel. The 27 foot model was at one time manufactured in the United States.

Our trawler is a 25 ft model make in 1972 and it is still going strong. It was only a few years ago we replaced the original engine with a 35 hp Perkins diesel. Over the years, I have seen many modifications to the basic design including steadying sails, hard top over helm and even an extended hard top over the cockpit. It is truly a safe, sturdy, well made reliable boat.


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1. view of top closed
2. top opened
3. open top
4. rear hatch
5. side sliding windows
6. refrigerator & cabinet
7. chart rack & refrigerator
8. front hatches
9. top of cabin
10. sliding side windows
11. chart rack behind
12. top of rear hatch
13. side view both roofs over Helm & seating 14. bow pulpit
15. inside view of how top is fastened
The labels above are the photos to the right, reflected in the order of the side show and if the link is clicked on, the image will open in a new window.


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