"The Great Circle Waterway - the ICW" (Intercoastal Waterway)
"The Loop" (NY rivers, canals, lakes),
the St. John's River, FL,
& the Bahamas

The Island Woman (6324 bytes)


On Tuesday,  April 9, 1996 the 'Island Woman' departed from St. Petersburg, Florida for a 5 month cruise that boating enthusiasts call the Great Circle Waterway. 

The Island Woman and her crew of  two traveled through the Okochobee Waterway to the Atlantic side of Florida, then up  the eastern seaboard Intercoastal Waterways until reaching the Hudson River in New York.  Some of the bodies of water traveled on this trip include the  Hudson River,  Erie Canal, the Ohio River, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, the Mobile River,  and the Gulf of Mexico. 

The following pages are taken from  the published article written by William T. Swengros  for the THE ENSIGN which is the official magazine of U.S. Power Squadron (APRIL 1997 issue). 

Our other travels since the Great Circle Waterway (ICW):  Cruising the St. John's River and our adventures on  the Island Woman in the Bahamas and "the loop".           

Hope you enjoy reading of the travels -

August 16, 2004 - We sold the Albin Trawler - we will miss her!



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