two Video Clips    

Click on photo to begin sky diving video (Windows Media format). . . and I went Sky Diving
This mini video clip was created from a DVD documenting a 'first jump' of my daughter, Jenny, skydiving.
The video was then edited to reduce playing time, put to music, made into a fun & crazy video, and finally "rendered" into a Windows Media File so that it could be shared with friends and family on the internet.
Click on the photo to play the movie.  Be patient, the movie time is only about 1.32 minutes but is 4.9 MB in size even in this highly compressed format..

Click on the photo to the left to start the video.


Vacation in Monterey County, California


Click on the photo to start the video (Windows Media Format)The Seals Video clip
This movie is created with Pinnacle Studios using a feature called "Smart Movie" where the program will create a movie using parts of video either random generated or in chronological order; may have romantic theme or fast and crazy. This is fast paced. You may use mp3 or other sound media.   With this program, you may save the movie to DVD, CD, I-POD, the Internet and other formats. This program is lots of fun - creating titles, DVD chapters for easy viewing of larger video...

 Click on the seals photo to the right to view my Seals Video  (allow movie to download and open in Windows Media Player).


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